Understanding Aquarium Filtration Systems

A filter is an important part of the functioning of a home aquarium. You will find a variety of brands and types when you’re looking for a filtration system. You need to understand why your aquarium needs a filter before you start searching for options. The filter will ensure that water flows throughout the tank. This way, the water doesn’t become stagnant. When water is stagnant, it can lead to ammonia buildup that harms the water plants and the fish.

If you have a small tank and decide against the use of a filter, you will need to change the water inside quite often. This can be a bit of a hassle as well. And without a filter, you will need to limit the number of aquatic animals you have inside. One of the most common filters that are used is sponge filters. This is a spongy material that you place inside the tank. The air pump outside the tank will pull the dirt and debris inside the tank through the sponge. This is one of the simplest filters you can use for small tanks. There is less water movement so that your fish are not disturbed. But if you have a larger tank, a sponge filter might not be able to provide sufficient movement of water within.

A type of filter that can be used in many tank sizes is the hang-on-back filter (HOB). This will hand on the edge of your aquarium and pull water from the tank through the use of a pump. This water is then circulated through different pond filter media. The water that travels through the media will then be returned to the tank through a spout. HOB filters are easy to use as there is no complicated cleaning mechanism for them. It is a low-maintenance filtration method. Filter media can be mechanical, chemical, or biological.

Mechanical media is great for trapping waste such as food, decomposing plant material, excrement, etc. Biological filtration is used to remove biological waste. This will ensure that there is no excess ammonia built up within your tank. This filter carries nitrifying bacteria that convert the ammonia into ales harmful components. Chemical filtration is used to catch dissolved chemicals in the water or any dissolved organic matter. This will make sure that there is no bad odour coming from the tank.

Canister filters are powerful filters that can be hidden underneath your tank. This is great for creating less distraction within the aquarium. The parts of the canister that will be visible are the return and outtake pipes. You also have different material options for these pipes whether it is glass or plastic depending on the visual aesthetic you are going for. This is an ideal filter for larger tanks that have a lot of aquatic life. This will ensure that there is a healthy environment within for all the animals and the plants. But this filtration system can be more expensive than the filters mentioned previously and they require more maintenance.

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