Essential Tips for Leaving Your Dog When You’re on a Trip

Travelling with your dog can really be a fun experience for both of you. However, there are times when you just can’t take your fur buddy with you on a trip. When this happens, you could just leave it to someone you trust to take care of your dog while you’re away.

This can help take out the worries from your mind, knowing that your pet is in good hands even when you’re not there. However, in case no one is free to take your pet in, you need to prepare everything for your dog before you go. Here are some tips you could follow before leaving your dog and away to a trip.

Find a Trustworthy Dog Sitter

If no one is available to take your dog in while you’re away, you need to find a good dog sitter that you could trust. Since your dog and the sitter are new to each other, you might need to give them some time to get familiar with each other and earn some trust.

Most likely, dog sitters already have other dogs to take care of at the same time so your dog can also get to play with other dogs and enjoy. Hiring a sitter means that your dog will stay in your home, making it comfortable and less anxious than when you leave it in a new place.

Prepare Your Dog’s Needs

Before you leave, be sure to prepare all your dog’s needs, enough that would last the duration of your trip. Prepare all the basic needs – from food, water, treats, medications, grooming supplies, and everything else that your dog needs.

To be sure that your dog is eating healthy food every day, you could sign up for a pet food delivery service when you’ll be away. Don’t forget to prepare your dog’s important information too such as vaccination records and ID tags just in case it is needed.

Leave Some Comfort Items

Your dog will miss you when you are away especially if it’s a long trip. However, you can help your fur buddy feel less lonely by leaving some comfort items for it. It could be anything that has your scent on it such as a blanket or a used shirt. You could also give your dog a new toy before you go so it has something new to enjoy and play with. Even if you’re away, at least your dog will feel less lonely and more at ease until you come home.

Write Out Detailed Instructions

Before leaving your dog to a caretaker, be sure to write out detailed instructions on how to care for your pet – from feeding instructions, medication schedules, exercise, emergency contacts, and other important details.

Leaving your dog even just a few days can make you feel anxious. However, with these tips, you can be sure that your pet is well taken care of and you’ll be able to enjoy the whole trip without worries.