4 Ways to Properly Groom and Care for Your Sheep

Proper grooming is an essential part of taking care and maintaining your sheep. Sheep needs to be groomed regularly in order to maintain their good appearance and keep them healthy too. There are different types of grooming for sheep and it all depends if you’re showcasing a breeding sheep or market lamb.

Grooming is also a bit tricky since you need to do it at the right time to get the perfect look on your targeted day. If you’re still new in taking care of sheep, here are the basics that you need to know to properly care and groom your sheep.

Basic Supplies

Grooming a sheep requires lots of essential tools to make it easier and efficient at the same time. If you’re taking care of a sheep, be sure to have the grooming basics such as a clipper, cattle shears, extra blades, hoof trimmer, wool card, and bathing items. If you have all of these items at hand, grooming your sheep will be a lot efficient and convenient too.


Before anything else, washing the sheep is the first step before you do any trimming or shearing on it. Washing cleans up the sheep’s fleece, making it easier to groom and prevents dirt from clogging the clippers. After washing the sheep with livestock soap and rinsing well, be sure to dry it properly before trimming or shearing.


Expert shearers are fast when it comes to shearing sheep fleece. However, most likely they are not much concerned on how the sheep will look after. If you’re putting your sheep on a show, shear it slowly and carefully to get the perfect look you want. After shearing, cover your sheep with a blanket to keep its fleece clean and fresh before the show.

Trimming of Hooves

Trimming the hooves of your sheep is also essential in making it look neat and groomed during the show. Trim it at least a week or two just before the show in order to give it time to grow out a little just in case you cut too close. Gently trim the hooves and carefully remove pieces little by little. Watch out for a pink colour in the hoof because it is the foot’s blood supply. Stop trimming when you see it.

Wool Blocking

For breeding sheep, you’ll need to block their fleece rather than shearing it so the wool looks uniform and perfect. First, card the sheep’s whole body. When it is done, carefully shear it and create uniform lines of wool. Be sure to consider the show standards when hand shearing your sheep; see to it that it meets the requirements so it won’t be in vain.

Grooming and caring for your sheep is essential to make it look at its best during shows. If you’re still new to it, just take your time in practicing and soon you’ll get the hang of it especially wool blocking and shearing. Give your sheep the perfect look you want with proper grooming.

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