Thinking of Getting a Pooch? Here’s How You Need to Prepare

If you have decided that you want to get a furry friend, you are definitely making one of the best decisions of your life! At the same time, it is important to understand that it is also one of the biggest decisions as well. After all, a pooch is a living, breathing creature that has quite a few wants and needs. Don’t worry, though, there is no need to feel overwhelmed. Instead, just go through this article to see some of the ways that you can prepare before bringing your good boy or girl home with you:

Get the Necessary Supplies

Walking into a pet store can be an incredibly tempting experience. There are so many toys, outfits, and other items that you simply want to buy them all. Well, now’s not the time for that and you should really stick to the basics in the beginning. This means dog food, bowls, collar potty tools (scooper, bags, puppy pads, etc.), a dog bed, and yes a toy or two. That first trip to the pet store is all about making sure that you have the right things to make sure that your pup is fed, comfortable, and happy. Later on, you can start adding onto this collection.

Find a Vet

Yes, believe it or not, you should find a vet before you even get your pooch. To make things easier for you, it is a good idea to look for clinics in the nearby area. This way, in an emergency, you won’t have to travel too far. That being said, you will need to make sure that the vet is properly qualified and that they have all of the necessary equipment and medications to keep your pup healthy. Look for online reviews and suggestions to see what other owners have to say about the care and service.

Dog Proof Your Home

You will be surprised at just what it is your dog can get into when they are left unsupervised even for a moment. This is why you will need to pooch-proof your home, much in the same way that you would with a baby. You can start by putting all harmful and toxic things out of their reach. You may also need to section off certain areas of the house that you may think is dangerous for your pup. Some people prefer to crate train their pooch, at least for those first few days. Interestingly enough, baby gates are often useful in helping your pup stay in their designated area.

Look for Trainers

Like most people, there is a good chance that you will simply not have the time required to make sure that your pup is properly trained. This is why you might want to consider enrolling him or her in a program such as complete dog training. Here, you can be certain that professionals will be attending to your pooch from the very beginning, teaching them how to behave properly. Doing this can save you a great deal of time and frustration.

These are the preparations that you will need to make before you first bring your pup home. You can then make sure that you and your pooch have the best time together.

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