Reasons Why You Need a Senior Dog in Your Life

If you’re thinking about adopting a dog, here’s a suggestion: get a senior dog. People typically refrain from choosing older dogs because they’re either ‘not as cute’ or because they won’t live nearly as long as a puppy. Anyone looking through the kennels will immediately have their hearts tugged at by the playful little youngsters who come running forward, barking and wagging their tails. And yet, what about the restrained senior dogs who have just as much (or even more) love to give? Here are five reasons that will help you look past their grey hairs and see them as the deserving, affectionate creatures they are:

They’re Better Behaved

Because senior dogs have been around longer, it’s safe to assume that they already know how to behave in a home environment as well as in public. They’re usually very quiet and mild-tempered so if you live a very relaxed lifestyle or have kids in the house, then senior dogs might be better suited for you. A dog requires many years of commitment and therefore it’s very important that you choose the perfect companion for your household. Professional dog adoption services in Sydney can help you make the correct decision.

They’re More Loyal

If you love having a pet that’s consistently affectionate, then you’re more likely to be happier with an older dog. Senior dogs are very appreciative of their rescuers and they know how to show it. Typically, old dogs that have been abandoned several times by owners can develop separation anxiety. Hence once you show them that you have every intention of sticking by their side, they can become extremely loyal.

They’re Easier to Take Care of

Compared to puppies, old dogs require much less exercise so you won’t find yourself constantly pestered for walks or games of fetch. If you’re the sort of person that likes to spend your leisure time with simple, idle activities, a senior dog will be perfectly content to just sit beside you. Additionally, senior dogs require very little training or if they’ve spent time in homes before, they may not need any at all. There’s a very good chance that they already know not to chew on your favourite pair of shoes or that the expensive-looking sofa is out of limits.

They’re Great at Service Jobs

Because senior dogs are mild-mannered and compliant, they make ideal service and therapy dogs. Whether it’s visiting the elderly at a retirement home or sick children at a hospital, old dogs have the required temperament for the job.

They Get Another Chance at Life

When shelters are forced to euthanize to keep their kennels from being overpopulated, senior dogs are usually first on the list. It might not be a whole lot but when you adopt a senior dog, you’re literally adding years to their life.

Senior dogs are often disregarded by a majority of potential dog owners, not realizing that they still have a lot to offer. If you’ve never owned a dog before, these gentle, docile seniors can make your first experience a stress-free ordeal.

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