Essential Commands You Can Teach Your Dog

Now that you have brought home the pet you always wanted to have; it is time to train them. However, in order to teach you to obey their owners there are some guidelines the owners need to follow as well. Check put the following to tips to see how to train your new pet dog.

Be Careful when Choosing the Name

It is true that we all want to give our pet a name we love but you also have to consider about how easy it will be for them to get used to that name and how to use the name when teaching them certain things. Most experts suggest to give them a strong, short name that will end in a consonant as it will help the dog to hear you correctly when you call out their name. Sometimes dogs come with a name, especially if they are coming from a shelter or a breeder. In such cases you can try shortening their name. However, changing the name is not out of the question either as dogs can adapt easily.

Learn to Understand Their Body Language

Learning to understand their body language is another thing you need to get used to as a pet owner. Especially if you get a new puppy, remember that they won’t understand your commands immediately. Observe them well to see their body language and how they react to certain commands. Instead of giving them the basic commands from day one, try demonstrating certain commands and actions to them. For example, they might not understand what the word ‘fetch’ means at first. Try to demonstrate the action for them so that they can understand.

Dog Training

Another way to learn easy management of pets is to try on dog training. This is a great way to understand your new pet and improve your bond with them. You can train your puppy with us and get to spend quality time with them, all the while learning their body language, teaching them the ‘right’ and wrong behaviours for pets,  teaching them to obey the basic commands, and helping them to socialise with other dogs as well as other people. While this might take some time, it will also give you a great chance at leaning to how to manage having a pet dog. It will also make sure that your pet is safe to be around others and respond well to your commands.

Treat Them After Training

Ending a teaching session with a good treat for the pets is always a great way to improve your bond. Giving them a piece of chicken or even a treat from a store will give them the incentive to work hard in training. This will certainly help you to get them into doing certain tasks more easily. But also remember that training treats need to be soft unless you want to wait till, they finish chewing and eating the treat you gave to start the rest of training.

Having a pet for the first time can be difficult than you thought, keep these tips in mind whenever you want to know how to manage your pets or you feel like you are unable to manage them.

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