Clients' Comments re in-home training and behaviour modification sessions for PUPPIES



The comments and photographs below are taken from survey forms returned by puppy owners who had individual in-home puppy training and are used with the owner' permission.

From 2001 to 2011 we ran 5-6 puppy schools per week at our training grounds as well as for several vet surgeries around Brisbane. Nearly 6000 people including breeders, vets and other trainers with their own puppies came to us from all over South East Queensland.   

Click HERE for a recent article from from the USA on 'Rethinking Puppy Socialisation' and the risks involved and HERE for one from the UK on 'Are Puppy Socialisation Classes Creating Dangerous Dogs of the Future?' 

By 2012 we had already decided to discontinue running ‘group’ puppy classes and to provide a more comprehensive, risk free and superior alternative by way of an individual in-homepuppy-and-owner' education training session. At these sessions we cover proper, adequate & safe on-going socialisation techniques; ‘home alone’ and other exercises to prevent future problems such as dog-to-dog aggression and separation anxiety; flea, tick and worm control; insurance; house training; junior obedience as well as solutions to common puppy behaviour problems such as crying, nipping and biting.

Owner/Suburb Date/Name Breed/Age Comments

Mr M. Orfanos
Manly West














Bull Terrier x Sharpei 12 weeks 
6103 Bosco

'Training was very good & provided lots of info & access to further info. I now feel confident that I will be able to teach Bosco to respond to my commands so that he is a well behaved dog. Would definitely recommend the service as instructor's knoweldge was excellent, having it at home is a big plus.'






Mr & Mrs L.Thomson
Cannon Hill










Lab x Cattle Dog
Molly  Catherine  Luke

'The amount + quality of the resources we were guided to was fantastic. The advice was both practical & specific to our dog, environment & our knowledge. The service was personal & professional. We feel very grateful that we sought your help - THANKS!'













German shepherd
9 weeks
5114 Oscar  Leilani 2 - Copy

 ‘My trainer was a wealth of information, thank you, thank you. So much to cover in such a little time but we hung in there. I was quite happy to pay the price as I am a hands-on person so to have an expert there with me showing me and able to explain along the way was awesome.'



Mrs Carol Heidemann




Toy Poodle
11 weeks
5126 Charlie  Terry  Carol  18-3-15 - Copy

'Excellent handouts, very good information and we have clear instructions to keep practising.'



Mrs Beata Disteldorf









8 weeks
5120 Mawi  Sophie Terry and Beata  24-2-15 - Copy 1

'A very helpful lesson. The instructor covered useful material and responded well to our questions. I feel more confident now and would certainly recommend CLEAR to others.’




Ms T. McMullen








Beagle X
10 weeks
5117 Charlie  Tarryn  Ben 15-2-15 2

 ‘The in-home training was absolutely perfect & invaluable for us as first-time puppy parents! Having someone 1:1 to advise you what to do with your puppy, how to train her & how to stop her doing certain things was a great investment. The resources provided, on the day & in the weeks since, are so useful & appropriate for where we're at.'




Mr & Mrs P. Richards
Manly West







8 weeks
1480 Rocky  Peter  Jeni 27-12-14 - Copy

 ‘A wonderfully useful beginning to puppy ownership. The information was relevant and specific to our family and very timely.'





Ms Danuta Pomerenke
North Lakes










German shepherd
14 weeks
1426 Koda  Clinton  Danuta 7-4-14 - Copy

 ‘All the reading material and visual aids were fantastic. Very useful & straight forward training for both owner and dog. Koda is still a handful but is much more respectful and we know he will become a greater and greater companion.'





Mrs Christine Sharp










8 weeks
1408 Jake Shawn  Christine 4-2-14 - Copy

'It was excellent and our dog is learning more and more each day. We appreciated the 1 on 1 instruction and vast amount of knowledge of the instructor. Thank you!'















American Staffy
12 weeks
13093 Buster Karyn Zara Nathan 19-10-13 2 - Copy

'Lots of fantastic information, very generous with time, honest and informative.'





Dr D.Mills
Deception Bay











Jack Russell
12 weeks
13027 Whiskey 5-4-13 3 - Copy

'Puppy kindergarten DVD was particularly well done: clear and simple and inspiring. I love your passion for training (which you have without being militant), your passion for dogs and the resources you bring. I found your session to be money very well spent (and very convenient to be at home!)'





Mr M.B
Alexandra Hills












Border Collie
10 weeks

'Vet recommended. Very informative, instructor talks to you as well as the class. Sample bags, CD, DVD, books, e-mails, individual information – all were wonderful! Everything is so well run. Little outlay for HUGE reward! Go! Go! Go! Anyone who doesn't recommend CLEAR to other puppy owners doesn't understand value for money. Thank you everyone!'




Mr K.S.


Cavalier x Poodle
15 weeks

'Resources were very helpful. Vastly superior to where we'd been before, great value, great people.'

Dr S.M (a vet & breeder of H/Vizlas)





Hungarian Vizla
8 weeks



'Congratulations on a very professionally run school. I was impressed with your hygienic & safe set up & the quality of all the instructors & the way they made each class fun & interesting. Well worth having to drive an hour each way!'
Miss S.I.
(Breeder of Rhodesian Ridgebacks)


Rhodesian Ridgeback
10 weeks
'The most well run & informative puppy school I have ever attended. Come up to the Sunshine Coast!'
Ms D.D.


12 weeks
'Instructors were very helpful, friendly & approachable even outside school hours. Do not go anywhere else!'
Ms N.L.


12 weeks
'A must for all puppies! Puppy response has improved 100%. My understanding has improved 200%.Thanks!'

 REFERENCES FROM PROFESSIONAL COLLEAGUES when submitting a training tender to a local council in 2004.

Dr C. F (PhD), Delta Accredited Canine Good Citizen Instructor, Chief Instructor Gold Coast Dog Obedience Club - 28/4/2004

' I first met Oliver Beverly in 1999 when he participated in training activities at my dog club. I have since encountered him at many training and behaviour seminars around the country. Oliver is a keen student of the latest in positive methods of animal training and I would feel very happy in recommending anyone to consult with him about training or problem behaviours. He has the dog's best interests at heart and the knowledge to resolve problems without resorting to the excessive punishment that characterizes most old-style approaches to dog training.'

Dr R. Q, BVSc (Hons), Veterinarian in 2004 at a large 24 hour Brisbane vet hospital

'I have known Mr Beverly for two years in a number of different capacities including:

  • As a client with my own dog at C.L.E.A.R Dog Training
  • As this Veterinary Hospital's dog trainer referral of choice
  • As a fellow colleague participating in Continuing Education Behavioural Conferences

I have the highest regard for Mr Beverly both as a skilled professional and a person of integrity. It is my observation and professional experience that he possesses many strengths and attributes including the following:

  • Strong and consistent client focus
  • High-level competency and knowledge
  • High level of communication skills
  • Openness to new information and a strong commitment to continuing education
  • Knowledge and experience in up-to-date, approved methods of dog training and handling.

Mr Beverly has developed respect from the local veterinary profession as he works excellently with owners, animals and the profession to allow for ideal management of our suburban dog community. He is an accredited Delta Canine Good Citizen Instructor and has completed further studies in Behavioural Dog Training. This theoretical study and extensive dog training experience in my opinion make him one of the most valuable and expert dog trainers in the area.'

Ms Michelle Izzard, Ketchwayo Rhodesian Ridgebacks, Buderim

To Whom It May Concern

"It is a pleasure to write a testimonial in regard to Oliver Beverly and C.L.E.A.R. Dog Training. I was looking for a puppy preschool after attending an ill run puppy school here on the Sunshine Coast. Priorities for me were a positive environment for puppy and handler, an instructor who knew how to run a puppy class without compromising the social development of a very young dog and who taught how to raise a puppy in a positive way.

Oliver was recommended to me and after initial contact I made the 200 kilometre round trip from Buderim to our first class in Brisbane. I was not disappointed. As well as being fun, Oliver’s puppy classes are carefully designed to ensure that new owners are taught what to expect from a young pup and how to handle normal puppy behavior. This knowledge helps arm a new puppy owner with understanding and skills for a smooth transition through puppy hood. The clicker is introduced, positive basic training introduced and most importantly pups learn to socialize with other puppies and humans.

Obstacles such as swing doors, prams, umbrellas, basic agility equipment are also a part of Oliver’s puppy classes. This type of equipment encourages puppy awareness helping to build confidence and, of course, the agility equipment is a lot of fun.

I found Oliver to be a warm, caring, extremely knowledgeable person who has devoted many years to helping people raise their pups to become well adjusted canine citizens in today’s society. Oliver also actively assists in bringing to Queensland world renowned, positive, dog trainers to lecture in their areas of expertise so we all can benefit from their knowledge.

Being a breeder I have absolutely no hesitation at all in recommending C.L.E.A.R. Dog training to my puppy buyers."

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